A little About Dijstra Ltd

Dijstra Ltd was incorporated in December 2014 and is a private limited company registered in England and Wales, United Kingdom. The registered company number is 09359459. It is the next step in evolution from it's predecesor companies, Admin Consultancy and Dijstra Website Development. Dijstra Ltd officially started trading and offering it's services 1st January 2015 and was founded and is owned by Jaimie Dijstra, offering website development services, website management services, hosting and support. Administration Database and data-management services are also available. Currently Jaimie Dijstra is the single driving force behind the companies goals, ethics and productivity.

A little About Jaimie Dijstra

Jaimie Dijstra has over 20 years experience working in companies and businesses from retail sales, wholesale distribution and imports, through to manufacturing and export companies. With experience in company administration from sales, management, purchasing and accounts, he brings a wealth of experience in finding systems or making systems for an assortment of business tasks. It was through this that Jaimie found Content Management Systems, and Joomla specifically. Jaimie has over 10 years experience of working with Joomla sites, and has built websites from the bare basics up to complex online stores and wholesale order websites, booking systems, and social community websites and forums. He loves problem solving, movies, reading and coffee!

Websites - What we use and offer

Dijstra Ltd works primarily with the Joomla Content Management System. Joomla an open source content management system which is the ground-work for a stable secure and fast management system. It is free, and because it is developed by a large community of developers with regular updates, it is a secure platform to work from. Even for a basic website, it is perfect for the job as the expandability is there ready for your website to grow with you or your business/company which could grow into an online store, booking system or blog or community site/forum.

Joomla is a fantastic choice to manage your website as it is something anybody can learn. There is a large selection of online courses and plenty of information online to help learn how to manage your website yourself and you do not need extensive knowledge of coding to manage your website. It does not take long to learn how to edit the basic text on your website and content images and with some more studying and the correct setup, you can lean how to edit styling within a template.

Joomla has a lot of expantion potential. There are free extensions and themes available as well as commercial paid for extensions and themes which improve upon the Joomla basic offerings and can offer a little more uniqueness to your website. Commercial extensions and themes involve purchases from reliable 3rd parties. Reviews of such parties are available on the Joomla official directory. Dijstra Ltd regularly works with third parties as doing so can cut costs compared to custom coded functionality and we will always suggest where a 3rd party extension or theme will help cut your costs and provide the best customer experience.

Dijstra Ltd can help develop a new site from scratch, or assist in an old website that needs improvements or has been perhaps negleted and needs updates.

Use the contact page to get in touch! You will receive a reply within 3 working days. Further correspondence will be by email.

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Portfolio - Sites by Dijstra Ltd

A few examples of websites by Dijstra Ltd are below. A website with Dijstra Ltd does not require any link at the bottom of the website to this site, nor does it need to be included in the list below (it's just appreciated!). Some websites developed by Dijstra Ltd cannot be listed or provided as an example due to them being private. We have built simple websites, forums, online booking systems, private social network sites for business project collaboration, and fully blown wholesale or retail sale websites.