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Dijstra Ltd offers website development services to individuals and small to medium sized business's. With a primary focus on the Joomla CMS, Dijstra Ltd aims to get you set up with a website you can manage yourself without having to rely on a specific developer. You'll be set up with the best website host, the best e-mail solution and the best resources for your site to grow with your needs.

Why have a Website?

Whether you are an individual promoting your own work, or a growing business, with today's technology growing at an incredible rate and more people using the internet from all sorts of devices, it is becoming essential to claim an on-line presence. Not just for the reasons of carrying out business on-line which is not essential, but your website is the world's introduction to you or your business. Without it, you leave yourself or your business vulnerable to being seen from a 3rd party perspective without your own point of view via review sites or social media. Whilst there are great review sites and social platforms which will help you, you want your audience to see you for who you are, or what your business is about, with your own ethics and why you do it.

Website Development Services provided by Dijstra Ltd

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All sites include:

We aim to ensure your site is set up with:

  • Joomla and the best extensions required
  • Quality Hosting or Dijstra Ltd's Hosting/Support package
  • A head start in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • The best e-mail solution for your needs
  • A budget to suit you

Service Goals and Why we use Joomla

Dijstra Ltd aims to help you along the way by not just building you a website but by introducing you to a popular content management system that is supported by 10's of thousands of developers, and has an extensive amount of resources available where you can learn to maintain your website yourself, or take advantage of a choice of 1000's of developers to assist you on expanding your website as and when you need it. Joomla has become our number one choice because of it's flexibility and potential to become so much. It can grow with you from start-up to corporation, from a single page site to a site with thousands of pages, and all that time could be spent with Joomla at the core of your site. It has extendibility to start as a single page (like this website), and from there grow with you or your business into a blog, social platform, forum, e-commerce website, art gallery, appointments/reservations/booking... whatever the requirements, the list goes on. Joomla is a great choice because you have the ammunition to grow.

Website Costs

Quotes are specific to your requirements. Joomla is not a cost. It is Open Source and free. The costs of your site will depend on many factors such as functionality required, theming, the hosting required and monthly support, and any required content. Third party purchases may be required in cases where we can save you money. Please get in touch via this sites "contact" page. You can find the contact form linked in the top right of this site by clicking here.

Website Examples

Not all previous work is available due to private sites, Intranet sites and access control. More examples will be coming here soon!

Soul Nurture

Soul Nurture

Responsive Multi-page site with galleries, articles, contact page and location map

Watch This Space

Watch This Space

Multi-Content System site with online order facility. Site is restricted to customers only

About Dijstra ltd

Dijstra Ltd was incorporated in December 2014 and is a private limited company registered in England and Wales Company Number 09359459. It Officially started trading and offering it's services 1st January 2015. Dijstra Ltd was founded and is owned by Jaimie Dijstra and offers website development services, website management services and support. Administration Database and data-management services are also available. Currently Jaimie Dijstra is the single driving force behind the companies goals, ethics and productivity.

About Jaimie Dijstra

Jaimie Dijstra met Joomla (a quality Content Management System) in 2010 and was captivated by it's potential for multi-purpose sites. Since then during self employment he has built a range of sites from simple straight forward individual and small business websites to Business Forums Business Social sites for company project work and wholesale/e-commerce websites. He loves challenges deadlines and happy clients! With a primary addiction to Joomla he is also a fan of Magento (a great e-commerce platform) Open Source Software and all sorts of coding and data presentation. Jaimie is also addicted to coffee enjoys going out philosophy and problem solving.


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